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Ever wonder what on earth you are going to do with that stack of vintage quilts? Have you discovered a beautiful quilt in a thrift shop and couldn’t imagine leaving it there? Or – have you ever admired a quilted coat (tote, bag, etc.) being worn or carried at a quilt show? Me too – yes to all of that.

Reclaimed Quilts by Kathleen McVeigh and Dale Donaldson provides the inspiration, the guidance, and the specific techniques for us to be successful turning our vintage quilts and other textiles into everything from coats, pants, and dresses to balaclavas and Christmas stockings. What a lovely way to give vintage materials – new life.

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Reclaimed Quilts by Kathleen McVeigh and Dale Donaldson

Give new life to your beloved quilts!

Build a sustainable wardrobe by upcycling vintage textiles into stunning new projects! Kathleen and Dale are expert guides from start to finish. Learn how to source vintage quilts and care for and restore them. Then transform them into a creative and personalized wardrobe full of history. Clothing projects include coats, vests, dresses, pants, a tank top, and a balaclava. Also included are a tote, a clutch bag, and a Christmas stocking.

Learn garment sewing techniques, from basic construction to specific skills, with step-by-step instructions. Customize your projects by adjusting the patterns to fit your body and choosing unique details for finishing or closing.

  • Transform a vintage quilt into one of eight stunning garments, from a chore coat or a cropped jacket to a quilt top dress or vest.
  • Reclaimed Quilts includes – step-by-step instructions from start to finish and tutorials for specific garment techniques, like binding, welt pockets, installing snaps, and finishing seams.
  • Source Vintage Materials – Check out guidance on where to source vintage textiles and how to care for and restore them to usable condition.


ISBN: 9781644034002


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