Cutting Mats

I own cutting mats in several sizes. The one I use the most is a 24” x 36” self-healing, 2-sided mat. It sits on my cutting table and gets A LOT of use. I also frequently use a 12” x 18” mat when I’m working somewhere else with my small quilt group. It’s big enough to be useful but small enough to fit in my carry bag with my tools.

The one “specialty” mat I use regularly is a turntable mat. It’s perfect for squaring up blocks and trimming off those dog ears of the blocks. It makes this time-consuming task so much easier – and much more accurate.

Which is the best mat to use? It depends. Most people have a color preference. Some quilters like the light/dark gray combination of the Fiskars mats while others prefer the yellow/green combination of Ofla. Both are great quality – it’s really a matter of personal preference. There are some other manufacturers that have some new color combinations as well – Madam Sew and KC Global have some great mats.

A cutting mat is a hard-working tool – purchase the best quality mat you can reasonably afford. You’ll be so glad you made the investment when you are still using it after years of quilting.

Is there a rotary cutting mat you are looking for that you don’t see listed here? Let me know and I’ll do my best to find it for you.

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