Fiskars Cutting mat – 24″ x 36″ Self Healing

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This large Fiskars cutting mat is my “go-to” size for everyday use. It fits perfectly on my cutting table, has large – “easy to read” markings, and is two-sided (one light grey / the other darker gray).

The one I’m using right now – I’ve had for several years. It gets some pretty heavy use and still looks great.

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Fiskars 24 inches x 36 inches self-healing cutting mat – this mat is two-sided allowing for long useful life. I use this mat in my sewing studio day in and day out and appreciate the large clear markings and the easy-on-the-eyes two-tone grey color.

As with all cutting mats – always store your mat flat or hanging on a hook. Never leave it in your car – even a small amount of heat can warp any cutting mat beyond all hope of ever using it again.

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