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Quilt Your Story is a special book, not only do we get the instructions for every project but we also learn about the people who inspired each project. Local author Kristin La Flamme shares the stories of some special people and each project in the book is as unique as the story that inspired it.

If you are looking to stitch a memory in honor of someone and want to go beyond T-shirt quilts and Memory Bears, this is the book you are looking for.

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Quilt Your Story by Kristin La Flamme

Honoring special moments using uniforms, scrubs, favorite shirts, and more to create memory quilts and projects

Memory quilts are the perfect way to transform sentimental clothes and fabrics into meaningful keepsakes!

  • Accessible guide to creating beautiful memory quilts, with easy how-to instruction for quilters of any skill level
  • 22 fun projects, including bed-sized quilts, throw pillows, table runners, wall art, a stuffie, a tote bag, and a backpack
  • Step-by-step instructions, coordinating illustrations and photography, and personal backstories behind each memory quilt project
  • Helpful overviews on basic quilt techniques, how to deconstruct clothing and prepare fabric, an inspirational gallery of memory quilts, and more
  • Go beyond t-shirt quilting and learn how to use other special fabrics in your memory quilt projects such as service uniforms, baby clothes, hospital scrubs, and more


Quilt Your Story is a complete, beginner-friendly guide for quilters of all skill levels 

Quilt Your Story will show you everything you need to know to make one-of-a-kind, personalized memory quilts from sentimental pieces of clothing.

Inside this 120-page skill-building quilt book, author Kristin La Flamme helps you:

  • Organize your materials and make color choices,
  • And shows you how to deconstruct and prep your fabric, using stabilizers for delicate or stretchy fabrics,
  • She covers which tools you’ll need to sew your projects,
  • Use basic quilt techniques before presenting approachable quilt patterns with guided instructions for each project to ensure your success.

Featuring 22 projects including quilts, table runners, throw pillows, and more, as well as a personal and inspirational backstory for each. This quilting project book provides step-by-step instructions, coordinating illustrations, and expert advice throughout.

Honor special moments and keep your loved ones close as you repurpose old fabrics into something beautiful and creative that you can cherish yourself or give away as a heartwarming gift, with Quilt Your Story!

About the Author

Local Author Kristin La Flamme is familiar to many of us because we know her from Montavilla Sewing Center in Lake Oswego, Oregon. She has been creating and exhibiting quilts for several decades – being especially drawn to quilts that share a story. It was a long and winding path to this (her first) book, and it was worth the wait.

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