Laundry Love – Finding Joy in a Common Chore

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Laundry Love by Patric Richardson really opened my eyes to the need to make some changes in the laundry room – I’m so glad I did! The changes I made based on recommendations in this book save time and money – and my clothes are cleaner.

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Laundry Love – Finding Joy in a Common Chore

I read this book several months ago (on my Kindle app) and was pretty shocked by what I learned. I was taught to do laundry by my mother and grandmothers and never thought much more about it – always doing it the way I had been taught. Probably the same for you – just guessing.

That all changed when I started reading the ingredients of the “hypoallergenic, free and natural” laundry products I was using. I have extremely sensitive skin and some health issues with my skin so I’m pretty focused on what products I am using. I saw a demonstration (by Patric Richardson – the author of this book) of already washed and dried clothes soaked in a clear tub of water and another stack of clothes washed in a soap flake laundry detergent soaked in another clear tub of water – side by side. Wow – the clothes that were washed in the name-brand detergent (ironically the same brand I was using) made the water murky while the clothes in the other tub – did not. Pretty shocking to us. Ever the skeptic, I actually tried this at home – yup – pretty gross.

After reading this book and making some pretty simple changes to the way we do our laundry – we are saving money and time doing the laundry – and our clothes as so much cleaner. Read this short little book – and you may find yourself doing the same thing (and you’ll be glad you did).

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