Ingredients Matter | Laundry Soap Powder

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Ingredients do matter and I like the fact that this laundry soap works so well – without all the chemicals and water. I’m a fan of clean clothes – and this laundry soap!

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Ingredients Matter | Laundry Soap Powder

After loads of research – I have switched to this natural laundry soap for all our laundry. There are no words to adequately describe the improvement in our clothes, towels, and sheets. The instructions say to use one scoop (provided in the box) but I have found that 3/4 of a scoop is more than enough to get a full load of dirty clothes – clean and ready for the dryer. We use a front-load high-efficiency washer and I put the soap right in the soap dispenser (instead of into the washer like the instructions recommend). It works perfectly.

I set the washer for warm water and the quick wash cycle, with an extra rinse cycle – just because. It takes just 33 minutes to wash a load (compared with 53 minutes of washing on a normal cycle). So using less water, taking less time, and getting our clothes cleaner – that works for me. Just so you know – I have SUPER sensitive skin so I was a little worried about trying something new to begin with but after using this laundry soap for several months – I am a convert.

  • SOAP IS DOPE: Our powdered powerhouse is good for clothes, you, and the earth. No hidden petroleum or needless plastic. No scent, either so it’s ideal for sensitive skin and noses.
  • ONE SCOOP = WHOLE LOAD: With 72 Loads per box, our detergent is independently tested to clean and eliminate odor as well as stuff in the big plastic jugs.
  • EASY TO USE: One scoop per load for both standard and HE machines. Add directly to the barrel with your clothes before washing. Works in all water temperatures. Safe for septic and grey-water systems.
  • ALWAYS FREE FROM: detergents (like sulfates, glucosides, and ethoxylates), synthetic fragrances, synthetic preservatives, dyes, parabens, phosphates, brighteners, and animal cruelty.
  • DO SOMETHING GOOD: We can no longer choose between performance and the planet. We need both. Household cleaning is as unregulated as the beauty biz. Companies do not have to test or list their ingredients, we list every ingredient.

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