A Guide to Planning & Promoting a Local Quilt Shop Hop

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Written for the Quilt Shop Owner – wanting to create, organize, and promote a Local Quilt Shop Hop – while avoiding the pitfalls along the way.

This Guide includes a detailed step-by-step process for every part of the Local Quilt Shop Hop process. Also included – is a 37-page Appendix – with sample materials, templates, budgets, and more.

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Deb Messina - QuiltbloxWritten by Deb Messina – for fellow Quilt Shop Owners – who want to create, organize, promote and build a Local Quilt Shop Hop – while avoiding the pitfalls along the way.

In this comprehensive Guide to Planning and Promoting a Local Quilt Shop Hop, I share my proven practices for planning and promoting a local quilt shop hop.  Take advantage of the step-by-step advice on how to:

  • Create your “brand” for your shop hop business—trademarks, website, email management, and more.
  • Make it easy for quilt shop owners to participate.
  • Keep shop hoppers motivated, event after event, with themes, projects, and prizes.
  • Establish and work with a budget.
  • Publicize and advertise the shop hop, especially with social media.
  • Guidance on select fabrics and design projects.
  • Plus a 37-page Appendix of sample materials to use as templates for your own events (includes template download).

Local Quilt Shop Hop – A Step-by-Step Process

I leveraged my background in creating and running large training events for several international manufacturing corporations and my experience as a Quilt Shop Owner – to create a series of Local Quilt Shop Hops. These events (3 each year) were eagerly anticipated by local shop hoppers. They were also profitable for participating Quilt Shop Owners. The systems outlined in this Guide provide a step-by-step process to follow – every step of the way.


This page links to the publisher page – The book is available to purchase from The Fabric Shop Network – Fabric Shop Network Members receive a reduced rate. If you are a quilt shop owner – I highly encourage you to become a member of The Fabric Shop Network. The resources available through your membership are worth far more than the modest membership fee.

Will I earn a commission – should you decide to make a purchase? Yes, however that does not impact the price you pay for this guide and the downloadable templates. 


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