Crumb Quilts by Emily Bailey

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Crumb Quilts are the ultimate way to zero waste patchwork using tiny scraps or ‘crumbs’ of fabric that are so small that most people toss them. I have to admit – I have a friend (she knows who she is ; ) that saves any scrap of fabric larger than 1 inch. I also save my scraps – but none quite that small. Crumb Quilts, by Emily Bailey, could reduce that scrap pile – and turn it into something beautiful.

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Crumb Quilts by Emily Bailey

Crumb quilting is the ultimate way to zero waste patchwork using tiny scraps or ‘crumbs’ of fabric that are so small that most people would throw them away. This collection includes instructions and techniques for how to turn your stash of crumbs into beautiful quilts and quilted projects.

Tiny fabric scraps or ‘crumbs’ don’t have to end up in the bin – now you can learn how to use these crumbs to create 15 beautiful quilts and quilted projects to bust your stash. Author, Emily Bailey, explains how to make fabric from ‘crumbs’ which you can then cut to your preferred size and use as a quilt block, a dramatic background fabric, or as a piece of applique for added texture and interest. These instructions include step-by-step photography for extra clarity around the techniques.

Emily shows you how to quickly piece together small scraps to create larger pieces of ‘crumb fabric’ using chain piecing to build up the fabric. The book includes step-by-step instructions and photography for how to make the crumb fabric. Emily also shares her tips and tricks for how to group fabric colors and prints in order to get the best results.

In addition to the instructions for how to create background crumb fabric, crumb blocks, and crumb applique there are also step-by-step instructions for 15 stunning quilted projects including full-size bed quilts and smaller projects including a pillow and pin cushion.

Choose from a full-size bed quilt that features crumb piecing in all its different forms: as a background; as applique and in blocks, to spectacular effect. Other quilts include Under The Sea – a crumb quilt featuring a whole host of scrappy sea creatures and Night Sky – a dramatic quilt that uses crumbs to create a richly textured background with crumb applique for the stars and planets.

There are also instructions for all the quilting techniques you will need to sandwich, baste and bind your quilts and projects.

So why not take another look at your own stash of crumbs and get quilting the zero-waste way!


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