The Quiltsmart Coat Book by Mattie Rhoades

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Are you intrigued by the resurgence in the popularity of Quilt Coats? Me too!

Not quite sure how to get started? Mattie Rhoades to the rescue! In her book – The Quiltsmart Coat Book – she takes us step-by-step down the path of creating a coat made from a quilt.

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The Quiltsmart Coat Book

Mattie created Quiltsmart, Inc. in 1994. She raised and clothed three children and several unsuspecting dogs in quilted outfits. She shares her years of trial & error, and discovery & success in this book. If you are thinking of making a quilt coat, this book is for you! Pair Quiltsmart quilts (easy quilt patterns printed on interfacing) with the coat pattern of your choice and you’ll be hearing “I love your coat!” everywhere you go!

View inspiring traditional and modern Quiltsmart quilt patterns that are “coat-friendly”.

Information on how to choose a coat pattern & those that we have made and love! Find tips about the construction of coats, closures, pockets, collars, hoods,….. and more!

Not a garment maker? Not a quilter? Mattie is a lifetime garment maker as well as a quilter. Both crafts cross over easily, but many quilters fear garments, and many garment makers fear quilting.
Fear not! You can do it!

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