Prop Your Front Load Washer Door Open

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Eliminate that nasty smell your front load washer gets – by propping the door open so it can dry out between uses. This little device works!

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Prop Your Front Load Washer Door Open

We’ve had a friendly battle in our house for years about leaving the washer door propped open. Clearly keeping it closed all the time leads to a yucky smell and a lot of cleaning, I get that. The problem we have is – that the washer door when fully open – blocks more than half of the laundry room door. That’s a huge problem when coming and going through that door with your (my) arms full. After reading Laundry Love by Patric Richardson – I realized there is a simple solution that makes everyone happy and no more banged-up knees trying to get through that doorway. The washer stays clean and dry – all is well. Best investment made in a long time!

  • NO MORE YUCKY WASHER: This magnetic front-loading washing machine door prop allows the seal and inside of your machine to dry out between uses, to prevent nasty smells and yuck from growing. Your laundry room and clothes will smell fresher and cleaner.
  • CLEAR THE WAY: Stop bumping into the washing machine door whenever you go into your laundry room with the front load washer door propped open.
  • STRONG MAGNETIC HOLD: Works with all washers, even washers that have a non-magnetic door and/or door frame. Two sticky steel sheets, which can be attached to non-metallic surfaces are included – when attached to your washer, allow the door space to work as intended with no damage to your washer.
  • TWO RUBBER-COATED MAGNET ENDS hold onto your washer and the door. Stops the door from closing, while at the same time, also stopping it from swinging open.
  • SAFE FOR YOUR WASHER: Made of Soft and Durable Silicone Rubber. Won’t mar your washer. You should NEVER put something hard or rigid between your washer and its door! This could lead to damage to your washer should you accidentally lean into its door.

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