Pattern-Ease Tracing Paper and Stabilizer

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Have you ever wanted to trace a copy of a pattern – so you don’t have to cut the original apart? I certainly have – especially with apparel patterns where I need to make some adjustments. I can trace the pattern – make any adjustments I need to make and I’m good to go. My original pattern stays intact.

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Pattern-Ease Tracing Paper and Stabilizer:

Tracing Paper for Sewing Patterns: American-made pattern paper for sewing is essential for designers & sewers looking to replicate or create patterns and can be used as an interfacing or stabilizer for sewing or light embroidery projects. 

  • Stronger and more opaque than standard sewing pattern paper, it lets you trace patterns quickly and accurately. This white tracing paper is great for crafting projects and is especially useful for cutting out intricate designs. 
  • Professional Quality: Drafting great patterns requires the utmost precision and quality. That’s what Pattern-Ease Non-woven Durable Stabilizer provides. This tracing transfer paper ensures accuracy, allowing you to produce outstanding projects with every use.
  • Material: 80% Polyester + 20% Cellulose Non-woven Drafting Paper: Pattern tracing paper for sewing is a must-have for any creative. It’s a stronger and more durable material than traditional tracing paper.
  • Uses: Pattern making, drafting, and design as it’s tear-resistant and smooth to draw on. The material also allows for a clear sharp line transfer onto fabric, making it ideal for a variety of craft projects.
  • Size: 58 Inches wide – by 5 Yards 
  • Made in the USA

Other than my own patterns, quilt labels, and other printable designs – most of the items in my shop link to Amazon. Those prices change (often for the better) and Amazon provides great detail and reviews for every item. I can search out and offer you the best of the best items in each category – without having to stock that item on my physical shelves. This saves you time and the energy of having to search out these items on your own.

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