Foil Needle Threader – Box of 50

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The traditional foil and wire loop needle threader is an effective option and this box of 50 is a great value! They come in a protective box to keep them from getting damaged while they are living in your sewing box. See below for a great hack to keep them in great shape for much longer.



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Foil Needle Threader – Box of 50

These traditional foil and wire loop needle threaders are loved by lots of us. They’re very inexpensive and work well.  They were rated very high by the Quiltblox needle threader test group for ease of use and construction. The downside is they can be a little delicate.

Hot Tip: This type of needle threader can be a little delicate. a great way to keep them in good shape for much longer – is to add a drop of hot glue at the point where the wire loop is connected to the foil paper.

To use this wire loop style needle threader:

(1) Insert the threader into the eyehole,

(2) Insert the thread through the loop,

(3) Pull the wire loop back out of the needle eyehole.


For more details about the Quiltblox Needle Threader Test: The Needle Threader Test Results are in

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