Automatic Needle Threader by Clover

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This Automatic Needle Threader from Clover is my top choice for this type of needle threader. I find it easy to use, reliable and it works for most needles. It isn’t recommended for the very tiniest or the very largest of needles, but I haven’t found that to be a problem. It is recommended for quilting needles including sharps and betweens.

I own two of these beauties (both purple) and I use them constantly.

Tip: While it’s not necessary, I do find it helpful to place a finger on the thread, one on either side of the unit and gently touch the thread – keeping it from going anywhere.



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Product Info

Automatic Needle Threader by Clover

Designed to sit on a table or any flat surface, this automatic needle threader was highly rated (ease of use, construction, and value) by the Quiltblox test group.

To use this automatic needle threader:

(1) Insert the needle (eye down) into the slot (marked with a “1”),

(2) Lay the thread across the needle threader – in the groove next to the needle slot.

(3) Press the lever marked with a “2”.

(4) Carefully remove your threaded needle.

(5) The Thread Cutter is located next to the slot marked with a “3”.

Available in Purple, Pink, or Green

Watch the Clover Automatic Needle Threader in action: Clover Automatic Needle Threader

For more details about the Quiltblox Needle Threader Test: The Needle Threader Test Results are in

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