Versa Core Colorful Table from Sew Steady

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Extend your work surface and support your project with an acrylic Sew Steady table – custom-made for your machine’s make and model. This extension table is so versatile! Choose the color of your core and you can add up to 3 extension tables to enlarge your available work surface. Which color is your favorite? Mine is purple – but then again, the red is so pretty, and the blue edge glows, then there are the pink and the orange versions. So Many choices!

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Holiday Bling – Versa Core Colorful Table from Sew Steady

Due to the 3500+ machine models available in the market, Sew Steady Tables are made to order.

Get your colorful table for your sewing machine and your sewing room will begin to sing with happy, joyful, and calming colors that make you feel amazing! The Holiday Bling Table package includes a 13.5″  x 16.25″ Versa Core Sew Steady Portable Table. Includes: 4 legs, 15″ x 20″ Versa Bag, Bling Necklace and Jewel Ruler. The Sew Steady Versa Core Tables are made to order to fit a specific sewing machine, not offered for serger models. Use the 16” x 13.5” Core by itself for small spaces and small projects.

Colorful Table Available in 5 Colors:

  • Purple, Red, Electric Pink, Electric Orange, and Electric Blue

How nice have you been this year?  You might consider getting something a little extra special!

    • Nice: Consider adding a Light Stick for $20
    • Good: Get a 13.5″  x 16.25″ Extension making the table 16″ x 27″ & glider for $119 more
    • Angelic: Get it all with the Bling Table Package, add the Extension, the Glider, and the Light Stick. You deserve it all!

A Sew Steady table extends the work surface around your machine’s needle and provides support for your work. Easy to store when you aren’t using it – just remove the support legs and tuck the table and legs away in the Sew Steady storage bag (available for each table size).

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