Presser Foot Storage Box and Explanation Book

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Stop rummaging through all those presser feet – wondering what they are for. The Presser Feet Storage Box (and included explanation book) will store and identify them for you. Snugly stores presser feet purchased from MadamSew – or the presser feet that came with your machine.

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Presser Foot Storage Box and Explanation Book by Madam Sew

Have you ever tried to figure out what all those funny looking presser feet are for? Me too! My presser feet were just stored in the toolbox for my sewing machine. No ID or markings to tell the 0 from the 1 from the 8 from the zipper foot. I’m done with that. I want to be able to use some (or all) of those feet – but first I need a better way to store them – and tell them apart. That’s where this Presser Foot Storage Box and Explanation Book come in.

  • The Presser Foot Storage Box is perfect for storing the presser feet you bought from Madam Sew individually. This storage box will also store presser feet you purchased from another company, including another company’s presser foot set. You no longer need to guess what foot is what! Store your feet in the numbered slots of this durable ultimate presser foot organizer box.
  • The included presser foot explanation booklet is filled with images and short descriptions of the different presser feet that fit in the slots. Use it to help you identify and organize your own presser feet. Plus, you get access to the Madam Sew Ultimate Presser Foot manual and tutorials!

Please note: 

  • Presser Feet are not included. Use this storage box to better store and identify the pressor feet you already have (or will purchase).

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