Micron Fine Line Pigma Pens – 8 Colors

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Want to add a little extra detail to a landscape or portrait quilt, write out a quilt label or draw on and sign a block for a signature quilt. Micron Fine Line Pigma Pens are permanent and fun to work with. Add detail right where you need it.

Please note: always test any fabric marker – on the fabric you are using in the project. I’ve had excellent results with these pens – but I still test every fabric marking tool I use – every time I use it.

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Micron Fine Line Pigma Pens – Set of 8 Colors

I was recently reminded how much I love these pens for writing on fabric. These pigma pens are perfect for signature quilts, writing on quilt labels, and even adding a kid’s name inside of clothing when the kids are heading off to camp.

  • Assorted Colors: Contains black, red, blue, green, brown, purple, sepia, and rose
  • Size: 05 Micron Fine Line Pigma Pen
  • Archival Quality: Sakura Micron Pen ink is waterproof, fade resistant, bleed-free, quick drying, and pH neutral
  • Create Freely: Pigma Micron pens use color from single pigments for color consistency, every time


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