Large Deluxe Table from Sew Steady

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Extend your work surface and support your project with an acrylic Sew Steady table – custom-made for your machine’s make and model.

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Product Info

Large Deluxe Table from Sew Steady

Due to the 3500+ machine models available in the market, Sew Steady Tables are made to order.

  • Includes: 18″ x 24″ Sew Steady Table, Drawer Tray, Pin, and Clutch for circle sewing
  • Custom designed to fit your make and model of sewing machine
  • Shipped directly to your home
  • Includes a polish kit

A Sew Steady table extends the work surface around your machine’s needle and provides support for your work. Easy to store when you aren’t using it – just remove the support legs and tuck the table and legs away in the Sew Steady storage bag (available for each table size).

Other than my own patterns, quilt labels, and other printable designs – many of the items in my shop link to partners, in this case – Sew Steady.  Working with partners allows me to search out and offer you the best of the best items in each category – without having to stock that item on my physical shelves. This saves you the time and energy of having to search out these items on your own.

Will I earn a small commission – should you decide to make a purchase? Maybe, I hope so. Does that change the price you pay for each item? Not in any way – you only pay the listed price for any item you choose to purchase.