Basic Embroidery Stitches – Kit

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“Slow Sewing” – is a thing. So many of us long for a return to projects where we can slow down and enjoy the pace of a project made with our own two hands and some very simple tools. Embroidery is the perfect “take anywhere” project.

Embroidery was one of the first needlework skills I learned as a child. I would have loved to have had this Basic Embroidery Stitches Kit then.

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Basic Embroidery Stitches – Kit

  • A Complete Embroidery Stitch Practice Kit – (4) embroidery fabrics printed with the stitches and their names, (1) embroidery hoop, (1) introductory book, (7) colors of threads, (5) embroidery needles, (1) scissors, (1) needle threader, and (1) seam ripper.
  • The tutorial book includes: Introduction to basic materials and tools. How to separate the floss. How to tie knots. Detailed instructions for the 29 most commonly used stitches.
  • Video instructions include over 1 hour and 48 minutes of teaching videos. The step-by-step demonstration videos are easy to follow. Even children can easily learn the basic stitches. 
  • Each stitch is identified on the fabric with enough space to practice each stitch enough times to become comfortable with the stitch.


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