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Do you like to make bowl cozies? This Wrap-N-Zap batting is the batting for you. 100% cotton with no additives, it makes the perfect batting layer for those cozies. I’ve also found it works well to make a bread-warming bag that can go in the microwave. Enjoy bread, muffins, biscuits, or tortillas that are soft, warm, and moist – not dried out.

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Wrap-N-Zap Batting:

This 100% natural cotton batting is also microwave-friendly! Perfect for holding in moisture to cook various vegetables or warm bread in the microwave!

Safety Note: When working with products intended for use in a microwave, certain precautions should be taken. Use only 100% Cotton batting, thread, and fabric. Wrap-N-Zap is made of 100% Cotton fibers without any additives. Wrap-n-Zap batting is not fire retardant or flameproof. For this reason, it is suggested to cook in 2-minute intervals, for a maximum of 8 minutes. Do not leave the microwave unattended. Do not use in a Convection/Microwave oven.

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