Thread Stand For Sewing Machine Cones and Spools

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I’ve been using a vertical thread stand for years – the extra travel path allows the thread to relax and flow more easily through my machine. This results in far fewer issues with the thread – and more stress free sewing for me.

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Thread Stand for Sewing Machine Cones and Spools by Madam Sew

I’ve been using a thread stand for almost as long as I have been sewing. Why? I found early on that the thread holders that are built into almost any sewing machine – don’t allow the thread to travel far enough off of the spool for it to relax and flow freely. Putting the cone or spool on the vertical thread stand – allows the thread to travel up through the hook in the thread stand – and then into the thread path for our machines. Adding in this extra travel path for the thread – has meant far fewer thread issues with any of my machines.

Bonus: If you like to sew with multiple threads – this thread stand gives you a place to put that extra spool of thread.

  • This thread stand is compatible with any serger, home sewing, or embroidery machine.
  • The base width of the cone: 4 inches (max)
  • Height of the cone: 10 inches (max)
  • Thread Stand Dimensions: 14 ½ High x 5 inches Wide
  • Base Dimensions: ¾  High x 5 inches Wide
  • Vertical thread stands are best used with cross-wound cones or spools that unravel over the top of the cones.


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