Quilts of Valor – A 50 State Salute

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Quilts of Valor and the concept behind the foundation that started this way of honoring our nation’s veterans is near and dear to my heart. I have designed, made, and with the help of our local chapter of the Quilts of Valor Foundation – awarded 9 quilts to members of my family who have served in our military.

If you have ever thought about making a quilt to honor a veteran in your life – Quilts of Valor – A 50-State Salute is a great place to get started learning about the mission and how to get involved. I can tell you from personal experience – it will change and enrich your life.

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Quilts of Valor – A 50-State Salute

The inside story of this all-volunteer organization, and showcases a Quilt of Valor from each state!

When the Quilts of Valor Foundation was founded in 2003, its mission was to cover our nation’s military touched by war—that is, to cover them with quilts and honor their service.

  • A volunteer team donates their time and materials to make a quilt collaboratively.
  • Since its beginning, this all-volunteer organization with close to 11,000 members nationwide has awarded more than 340,000 Quilts of Valor as of 2023.
  • This book explains the history of military quilts since our nation’s beginning and features a Quilt of Valor to represent each of our 50 states.
  • Also included are 16 quilt patterns to choose from, to inspire you to make your own Quilt of Valor.
  • The organization’s Under Our Wings project, which brings young people into Quilts of Valor and encourages them to learn to sew, is featured as well.

Quilts of Valor has over 11,000 members nationwide, who have awarded over 340,000 Quilts of Valor to military members. Ann Parsons Holte, Renelda Peldunas-Harter, Ann Rehbein, and Sue Reich are dedicated to the QOVF mission to “cover military touched by war.”

Learn more about the Quilts of Valor Foundation: QOV


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